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African Catering Equipment Supplies
3 Fourth street
Springs 1560
South Africa
Tel : +27 (0)11 811-4490
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Specialists in Service and Sales of all Bakery, Catering, Supermarket,Butchery Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration and Shelving & Racking.


A chef can be seen
as a modern alchemist
turning the base materials
into the gold of the finished
dish , then like his amcient
predecessors, he requires
the contemporary version
of the albemic and worm:
the stoves and sinks,
worktops and fridges,
mixers and knives, and all
the rest of the equipment...

Quote from : Cutting it Fine inside the restaurant by Andrew Parkins with Jonathan Green.

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T that full range of products and further descriptions can be viewed in our hard copy of our catalog. please contact our sales team for the latest up to date printed version of our catalog.